''If anything is possible, what would you create?''

'Gergana proved to be a very patient and caring therapist. Her insights and skillful guidance helped to release my limiting beliefs and remove the blocks that were stopping me from achieving my potential. Two weeks on and I feel more confident than ever. I meet everyday challenges with a peace of mind that I hadn't experience in years. I have more courage in making decisions and planning for the future.'

Anna, London

'Having had a very difficult few months, I have realised just how much I gained from my sessions with Gergana. I am now doing what I have wanted to do for years and am coping with difficulties much more effectively. I am happier and have made peace within myself [..] I will be forever thankful that I met Gergana when I did.'

Eileen, London

'I did many sessions with Gergana and I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazingly intuitive, gentle and yet precise in the delivery of the healing. I love the way she deals with the issues in full 360 degrees. With patience and determination, Gergana is always able to open my eyes to a new perspective and I always leave the sessions with a positive mindset.'

Susanna, London