• Gergana Mingova

Are you standing on your own way to success?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Many of us believe we can create the change we want in our lives but seem to be stuck in the story of why it can’t happen now.

The excuses we create tend to stem from a form of perceived inadequacy underneath which lies the need for self-worth and value. The subconscious fear of growth and empowerment becomes stronger than the fear of failure, which is driven by 1) misconception of what success actually is and the 2) our own judgement of what happens ‘once we make it’.

We all seek a sense of belonging through leaving our mark and creating a legacy. But if we don’t believe we deserve the best for ourselves, we may end up compromising our desire to express who we are and we may become discouraged in our purpose. We often then resolve to punishing ourselves for not being good enough, chasing other’s expectations in a cycle of measuring up to everyone else’s standards but ours.

How can we step out of this cycle?

  • Step 1: Be honest and define what success looks like for you. Align what you know to be true in your heart to what you want to create with the most powerful tool in your life – your mind. Allow yourself to become present and feel the change you would like to create.

  • Step 2: Move away from the story of ‘fixing’ to the experience of re-creating – if you constantly think of yourself as not being ‘good enough’ the perception you send out is creating circumstances to experience that belief. The story you tell yourself is what you have convinced yourself to be true from past conditioning rather than who you you can become.

  • Step 3: Live in your own paradigm – step out of other people’s paradigms and no longer create your reality based on what others believe to be true - and that includes moving away from ‘collective beliefs’. For example, does your passion only fit in the pocket of ‘hobbies’ or can you turn it into a sustainable business?

  • Step 4: Become aware that that you are not your subconscious beliefs or behavioral patterns – you are who you believe to be and chose to create.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs and adopting a new mindset will allow you to follow a path of your own calling without having to deny the success you can create and deserve to create by having to constantly prove to be worthy of it.

The ThetaHealing® Basic course teaches you proven techniques to recognize and release self-limiting thought patterns which will free you from that which no longer serves you.

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