• Gergana Mingova

Gratitude with wonder!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

One of the keys to manifesting the life of your choosing, is to be grateful for all that you have and all that you are now (yes, including all traits of the ego that hep you evolve in becoming your greatest self).

However, many people may find this idea limiting to their perceived circumstance – it may almost feel like you are settling for what you have now, in some way capping your experience.

Have you felt ashamed for wishing to have more than you have now?

And here is the other scenario – in manifesting the life of your dreams, greater and bolder, when you get nudged to ‘remember to feel grateful’, you may shrink yourself into your present circumstance, guilty for wishing to have more, for forgetting to be grateful for what you have now, considering there are others who have less..

Here is what I have learnt that set me free..

Feeling grateful, at the core of your being, fueled by the right energy (mind set) will produce the fastest results in your manifesting paradigm. Be grateful with all your Being – with passion that you feel for life like you have never felt before! When I am grateful - I open, I expand, I get tingles, I feel alive, I feel energised, I feel at my highest LIVING! I feel I am one with the Universe, I feel every particle in the Universe, I feel home, I feel the presence of Being, I feel LOVED!

I breathe in joy and as I feel this joy throughout my body, I push this energy out, expanding and breathing out into the world.

Another ingredient that worked wonders for me!

When you are grateful and you start manifesting on the vibration of joy, do it with one of the most amazing and freeing virtues in the Universe – wonder! In fact, try this for the next week. Feel in the wonder (that is - the divinity) in everything that you are and that exists around you.

Remember, this world is of your own creation. If you have kept taking responsibility for all ‘the things that needed fixing’, it is now time to claim all the beauty there is in the world.

Feel the wonder in the grass that touches your ankles as you walk across the garden on your way home. Feel the divine inspiration in the intricate buzzing sound of the bees. Feel the wonder of who you are!

If you feel the wonder in all that you are and all that your world is, and are grateful for that wonder, you will manifest in the easiest and fastest way that you can perceive.

Feel Wonder Full – and let me know what the result is?

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