Upcoming Events

  • ThetaHealing® RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight
    May 21, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT+1
    Held via Zoom
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Learning with me

Whether you are taking a course online or in-person, I am there with you at every step of the journey. My intent is that you get the most out of the course material, become a proficient practitioner, and experience the healings you are seeking and are ready for. At the beginning of every class, we set our intent on what it is that we would like to resolve, let go of or manifest more of - and that our healings are done with grace and ease.

It is important that you learn at your own pace and I honor this in every class.

ThetaHealing® is one of the fastest growing, most comprehensive self-development techniques. It helps us to understand ourselves so we can create the most impactful change. We realize that every decision in life matters, find out why we have made certain choices, and move forward recognizing how to createwe create our reality.

I look forward to welcoming you!